F3J competition glider
X and V-tail versions

Wing span: 3500 mm
Fuselage length: 1630 mm
Wing area: 75,85 dm²
Airfoil: NAN-F3J
Tail area: 7,3 dm²
Flying weight: from 1950 g



Short description

Higih perfomance F3J competition glider. X and 2 part detachable V-tail versions.
Benedikt Feigl - 2008 World Chapion with Xplorer.

Detailed product information:

Fuselage is made of carbon/kevlar epoxy and has fully moulded CFK D-box composite 3 piece composite wing.
Linkage for the X- and V-tail comes already installed in the fuselage.
Model is suitable for experienced modelers and competitors.

The kit is supplied with:

- Carbon/kevlar fuselage + 2.4 GHz friendly version
- Fully molded composite wing panels
- Fully molded composite tail

RC functions:

- Floating type elevator
- Rudder
- Ailerons
- Flaps

Servo recommendations:

- Hitec HS-56HB (elevator, rudder )
- Hitec HS-125MG (ailerons, flaps)
- Digital Hitec HS-5125MG (ailerons, flaps)
- Digital Futaba S3150 (ailerons, elevator, flaps)
- Digital Graupner DS368 (elevator, flaps)

Servo set - ordered with plane:

4 Digital Futaba S3150 - 150 EUR